The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom

Download EBOOK The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom for freeBook Title: The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom
Category: Society & Social Sciences
Language: English
Realese Date: 2 July 2006
Number of Pages: 504 pages
Autor: Jim Heid
ISBN: 9780321426857

Description of the book "The Macintosh iLife 06 in the Classroom"

Updated teacher's edition of the best-selling book on Apple iLife--the ultimate interactive classroom learning guide to iPhoto, iMovie HD, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb! Music, movies, and photos come together before your eyes. Just imagine the creative possibilities in store for you and your students. The special edition ofJim Heid's best-selling interactive guide to Apple iLife '06 includes practical information especially for K-12 teachers. Digital media guru Heid shows how digital media can be an integral part of the classroom routine, enhancing the learning experience in many subject areas. Everything you need to master the iLife applications is at your fingertips. Lesson plans and a teacher supplement at the end of the book provide sample projects and show you how other teachers have been using iLife in the classroom.Inside, you'll find clear, accessible instructions for: * Professional shooting techniques for digital cameras and camcorders * Editing video with iMovie HD * Creating spectacular, informative slide shows with iPhoto and iDVD * Recording and arranging original music with GarageBand * Producing a documentary video using photos and home movies * Making a soundtrack using music from old records and tapes * Using iMovie HD to turn a simple math lesson into a fun photo album * Interviewing family and community members for oral histories * Implementing and adapting award-winning projects from other teachers using iLife * Sharing photos, movies, blogs, and podcasts on the Web using . Mac
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