Translation and Information Technology

Download EBOOK Translation and Information Technology for freeBook Title: Translation and Information Technology
Category: Computing
Language: English
Realese Date: 9 April 2003
Number of Pages: 160 pages
Autor: Sin-Wai Chan
ISBN: 9789629960773

Description of the book "Translation and Information Technology"

Information Technology has increased both the speed and medium of communication between nations. It has brought the world closer, but also has created new challenges for translation - how we think about it, how we carry it out and how we teach it. This book brings together experts in computational linguistics, machine translation, translation education, and translation studies to discuss how these new technologies work, the effect of electronic tools, such as the internet, bilingual corpora, and computer software, on translator education and the practice of translation, as well as the conceptual gaps raised by the interface of human and machine.
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