Run Fast

Download EBOOK Run Fast for freeBook Title: Run Fast
Category: Sport
Language: English
Realese Date: 30 March 2001
Number of Pages: 256 pages
Autor: Hal Higdon
ISBN: 9781579542696

Description of the book "Run Fast"

Train for Speed...Feel Great! Are you looking for better race times, whether you run 5-Ks or marathons? Searching for that ultimate, exhilarating moment when you're running faster than ever before? Or do you just want to get healthy and have more fun when you run? You "can "run faster, and this book will show you how. Much more than a training guide, this classic volume-- completely revised and updated for runners of every caliber-- spells out a complete program to help you increase your speed, improve your times, and motivate yourself to achieve your running goals. You'll see how to: * Shave time off your Personal Record * Make speedwork count-- and avoid the risk of associated pain and injuries * Make the most of limited training time * Build more muscle to boost your speed * Achieve a smooth stride and an efficient, economical running form * Listen to yourself and be your own best coach You'll discover magic workouts that both improve your speed and make training fun. And, if you've taken an exercise break, you'll see how to get back in shape and back on track, with faster times than ever before. Packed with stories and tips from coaches, record holders, and average runners alike, "Run Fast by "Hal Higdon is brimming with inspiration. Experience the thrill of better race times, the satisfaction of running strong, and the sheer joy that comes from running faster than ever before.
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