Art and Alchemy

Download EBOOK Art and Alchemy for freeBook Title: Art and Alchemy
Category: Art & Photography
Language: English
Realese Date: 15 May 2006
Number of Pages: 297 pages
Autor: Jacob Wamberg
ISBN: 9788763502672

Description of the book "Art and Alchemy"

Partly because of alchemy's dismissal from the Parnassus of rational sciences, the interplay between this esoteric knowledge and the visual arts is still a surprisingly neglected area. This collection of articles, covering the time span from the late Middle Ages to the twentieth century, challenges the current neglect. The contributors cast new light on a range or related topics, including alchemical gender symbolism in renaissance, mannerist, and modernist art; alchemical ideas of transformation in Italian fifteenth-century landscape imagery; Netherlandish seventeenth-century portrayals of alchemists; and alchemy's tortured status as a forerunner of photography.
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