Assessment in the Classroom: A Concise Approach

Download EBOOK Assessment in the Classroom: A Concise Approach for freeBook Title: Assessment in the Classroom: A Concise Approach
Category: Society & Social Sciences
Language: English
Realese Date: 1 September 1999
Number of Pages: 320 pages
Autor: Peter W. Airasian
ISBN: 9780072289534

Description of the book "Assessment in the Classroom: A Concise Approach"

This brief inexpensive version of the author's larger text is nearly 30 per cent shorter and is designed either for the increasing number of brief (1-2 hour) assessment courses or for broader courses where assessment is one of several major topics covered. It is ideal for those 6-9 hour block courses (sometimes spanning two semesters) that cover a variety of major topics, such as assessment, classroom management, and general methods. Like the bigger book, this one ties assessment into every type of teacher decision making: from organizing the class as a social system to planning and conducting instruction to the formal evaluation of learning and, finally, to grading. The goal is to show students that assessment is part of their daily routine. This edition features a new, full chapter on sizing-up assessment (assessment early in the school year), expanded treatment of accommodating pupils with disabilities, more on state-wide standards and assessments, updated performance/alternative assessment, and descriptions of twenty Web sites related to educational assessment. This is the most teacher-friendly assessment text on the market.
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