An Introduction to Greek Art

Download EBOOK An Introduction to Greek Art for freeBook Title: An Introduction to Greek Art
Category: Art & Photography
Language: English
Realese Date: 3 April 1997
Number of Pages: 197 pages
Autor: Susan Woodford
ISBN: 9780715620953

Description of the book "An Introduction to Greek Art"

The fragments of Greek sculpture and vase painting that have survived into the twentieth century are like pieces of a shattered mirror reflecting the former glory of Greek art. Though some of the images are obviously beautiful, others require interpretation before their true quality can become apparent. This book, designed primarily as an introduction for students, helps the reader trace the development of Greek art in the immensely creative period from the eighth to the fourth century BC - the period between the composition of the Homeric poems and the conquests of Alexander the Great. Important works are generously illustrated and lucidly analysed, so that an integrated picture of Greek art emerges.
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