Homeschooling Book of Answers

Download EBOOK Homeschooling Book of Answers for freeBook Title: Homeschooling Book of Answers
Category: Society & Social Sciences
Language: English
Realese Date: 8 July 2008
Number of Pages: 356 pages
Autor: Linda Dobson
ISBN: 9780761535706

Description of the book "Homeschooling Book of Answers"

Up-to-date answers to all your homeschooling questions! More and more families today are turning to homeschooling to teach their children. But where do they go to find honest, practical answers to questions such as: Can I afford it? Or, how will my child make friends without going to school? Look no further. This invaluable guidebook--completely updated to include the 101 most important homeschooling concerns--answers all those questions and more. Inside, you'll learn: -Methods of motivating, teaching, and testing homeschooled children -The latest on the growing use of distance-learning tools -Ways to homeschool your special-needs child -The differences between homeschooling younger children and teenagers Drawing from the collective wisdom and experience of homeschooling's most respected voices, "The Homeschooling Book of Answers" is your essential guide to this widely popular--and flexible--educational approach. "I can't imagine a more helpful book on homeschooling--a happy marriage of the realistic with the idealistic, the passionate with the practical." --George Leonard, author, "Education and Ecstasy ""Of the many books on home education that have come across my desk, this is the most usable for the beginning homeschooler." --Jerry Mintz, Director, Alternative Education Resource Organization "Provides useful information that demystifies and makes accessible the homeschooling experience." --Marty Layne, author of "Learning at Home: A Mother's Guide to Homeschooling"
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