A Guide to Real Variables

Download EBOOK A Guide to Real Variables for freeBook Title: A Guide to Real Variables
Category: Science & Geography
Language: English
Realese Date: 13 August 2009
Number of Pages: 163 pages
Autor: Steven G. Krantz
ISBN: 9780883853443

Description of the book "A Guide to Real Variables"

A Guide to Real Variables is an aid and conceptual support for students taking an undergraduate course on real analysis. It focuses on concepts, results, examples and illustrative figures, rather than the details of proofs, in order to remain a concise guide which students can dip into. The core topics of a first real analysis course are covered, including sequences, series, modes of convergence, the derivative, the integral and metric spaces. The next book in this series, Folland's A Guide to Advanced Real Analysis is designed to naturally follow on from this book, and introduce students to graduate level real analysis. Together these books provide a concise guide to the subject at all levels, ideal for student preparation for exams.
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