Plates vs Plumes

Download EBOOK Plates vs Plumes for freeBook Title: Plates vs Plumes
Category: Science & Geography
Language: English
Realese Date: 12 October 2010
Number of Pages: 364 pages
Autor: Gillian R. Foulger
ISBN: 9781405161480

Description of the book "Plates vs Plumes"

Since the advent of the mantle plume hypothesis in 1971, scientistshave been faced with the problem that its predictions are notconfirmed by observation. For thirty years, the usual reaction hasbeen to adapt the hypothesis in numerous ways. As a result, themultitude of current plume variants now amounts to an unfalsifiablehypothesis. In the early 21st century demand became relentless for a theorythat can explain melting anomalies in a way that fits theobservations naturally and is forward-predictive. From this thePlate hypothesis emerged the exact inverse of the Plumehypothesis. The Plate hypothesis attributes melting anomalies toshallow effects directly related to plate tectonics. It rejects thehypothesis that surface volcanism is driven by convection in thedeep mantle. Earth Science is currently in the midst of the kind ofparadigm-challenging debate that occurs only rarely in any field.This volume comprises its first handbook. It reviews the Plate andPlume hypotheses, including a clear statement of the former.Thereafter it follows an observational approach, drawing widelyfrom many volcanic regions in chapters on vertical motions ofEarth's crust, magma volumes, time-progressions of volcanism,seismic imaging, mantle temperature and geochemistry. This text: * Deals with a paradigm shift in Earth Science - some say themost important since plate tectonics * Is analogous to Wegener's The Origin of Continents andOceans * Is written to be accessible to scientists and students from allspecialities This book is indispensable to Earth scientists from allspecialties who are interested in this new subject. It is suitableas a reference work for those teaching relevant classes, and anideal text for advanced undergraduates and graduate studentsstudying plate tectonics and related topics. Visit Gillian's own website at
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