Go in Action

Download EBOOK Go in Action for freeBook Title: Go in Action
Category: Computing
Language: English
Realese Date: 28 August 2015
Number of Pages: 300 pages
Autor: Brian Ketelsen
ISBN: 9781617291784

Description of the book "Go in Action"

DESCRIPTION Many of the normal concerns faced by application developers are amplified by the challenges of web-scale concurrency, real-time performance expectations, multi-core support, and efficiently consuming services without constantly managing I/O blocks. Although it's possible to solve most of these issues with existing languages and frameworks, Go is designed to handle them right out of the box, making for a more natural and productive coding experience. Developed at Google for its own internal use, Go now powers dozens of nimble startups, along with name brands like Canonical, Heroku, SoundCloud, and Mozilla, who rely on highly performant services for their infrastructure. Go in Action introduces the unique features and concepts of the Go language, guiding readers from inquisitive developers to Go gurus. It provides hands-on experience with writing real-world applications including web sites and network servers, as well as techniques to manipulate and convert data at incredibly high speeds. It also goes in-depth with the language and explains the tricks and secrets that the Go masters are using to make their applications perform. For example, it looks at Go's powerful reflection libraries and uses real-world examples of integration with C code. KEY SELLING POINTS Written by Go developers Real use cases faced in day-to-day development Get tricks and tips from experienced Go users AUDIENCE This book assumes you're a working developer proficient with another language like Java, Ruby, Python, C#, or C++. ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY Go is a powerful language that is gaining rapid adoption by companies that want to write fast systems while allowing their developers to use modern programming languages. Go development is sponsored and curated by Google, but has contributors from around the globe.
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