Botanical Garden: Trees and Shrubs v. 1

Download EBOOK Botanical Garden: Trees and Shrubs v. 1 for freeBook Title: Botanical Garden: Trees and Shrubs v. 1
Category: Home & Garden
Language: English
Realese Date: 11 February 2002
Number of Pages: 492 pages
Autor: Roger Phillips
ISBN: 9780333730034

Description of the book "Botanical Garden: Trees and Shrubs v. 1"

This major two-volume reference work covers over 1,000 genera in outstanding colour photographs and authoritative, detailed text. Bridging the gap between scientific texts and everyday horticultural books, this guide provides an unrivalled insight into the relationships between garden plants and their environments, the history of plant development (as studied through fossils), and the most up-to-date DNA studies, set to revolutionise classification. It will become an indispensable aid to any aspiring gardener. Volume I: Trees, Shrubs and Climbers covers over 450 genera of woody plants listed in botanical order. It starts with descendants of the Jurassic - tree ferns, ginko, conifers, through the earliest flowering plants,, on to catkin-bearing and fruit trees, ending with maples and other advanced flowering plants. The distinctive cordyline, palm, and bamboo families are treated separately.
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