Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages

Download EBOOK Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages for freeBook Title: Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages
Category: Computing
Language: English
Realese Date: 16 December 2014
Number of Pages: 478 pages
Autor: Bill Lubanovic
ISBN: 9781449359362

Description of the book "Introducing Python: Modern Computing in Simple Packages"

Easy to understand and fun to read, Introducing Python is ideal for beginning programmers as well as those new to the language. Author Bill Lubanovic takes you from the basics to more involved and varied topics, mixing tutorials with cookbook-style code recipes to explain concepts in Python 3. End-of-chapter exercises help you practice what you've learned. You'll gain a strong foundation in the language, including best practices for testing, debugging, code reuse, and other development tips. This book also shows you how to use Python for applications in business, science, and the arts, using various Python tools and open source packages. Learn simple data types, and basic math and text operations Use data-wrangling techniques with Python's built-in data structures Explore Python code structure, including the use of functions Write large programs in Python, with modules and packages Dive into objects, classes, and other object-oriented features Examine storage from flat files to relational databases and NoSQL Use Python to build web clients, servers, APIs, and services Manage system tasks such as programs, processes, and threads Understand the basics of concurrency and network programming
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