Urban Health: Combating Disparities with Local Data

Download EBOOK Urban Health: Combating Disparities with Local Data for freeBook Title: Urban Health: Combating Disparities with Local Data
Category: Medical
Language: English
Realese Date: 25 November 2010
Number of Pages: 400 pages
Autor: Steven Whitman
ISBN: 9780199731190

Description of the book "Urban Health: Combating Disparities with Local Data"

The 1980s opened a discussion of the varying nature of health in different segments of the United States. Falling under the rubric of "health disparities," a great deal of research has been published demonstrating the substantial differences in health status within a population. The causes of health disparities are varied and not always clear but most researchers agree that disparities are a reflection of social and economic inequities and political injustice. One of the obstacles to addressing disparities is the lack of meaningful health data especially for vulnerable populations, which is often nonexistent despite being a critical factor for informing health programs and policies at the local level. This book provides a model for combating health disparities by describing how the authors gathered local health information, engaged the community at every step of the process, and created movement toward evidence-based sustainable change. This book describes how a landmark health survey in Chicago generated dramatic data that are allowing investigators throughout the city to move from data to action and from observation to intervention. In providing a detailed description of how the community-focused collection and analysis of health data can serve as an impetus for improved well-being, Urban Health is an invaluable resource for researchers, community groups, students and professionals.
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