Giving Comfort and Inflicting Pain

Download EBOOK Giving Comfort and Inflicting Pain for freeBook Title: Giving Comfort and Inflicting Pain
Category: Medical
Language: English
Realese Date: 15 September 2007
Number of Pages: 256 pages
Autor: Irena Madjar
ISBN: 9781598742848

Description of the book "Giving Comfort and Inflicting Pain"

Nursing and health care workers are typically associated with healing and relieving pain but the pain they inflict in the course of everyday treatments is rarely acknowledged. This phenomenological study investigates the lived experience of patients in pain and of the professionals who inflict pain in the context of medically prescribed treatments. Through in-depth qualitative studies of cancer patients and burn victims, Madjar explores meanings and perceptions of pain, the nature of patients' and providers' embodied experience, and understandings of self and other. She also highlights the need for health-care curricula to incorporate phenomenological perspectives on human experience and on the role health care professionals play in the generation, prevention, and relief of pain. An important contribution to nursing, health care fields, and the social science of medicine, ""Giving Comfort and Inflicting Pain"" is also an exemplar in qualitative methodology.
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