Irish Ferries: An Ambitious Journey

Download EBOOK Irish Ferries: An Ambitious Journey for freeBook Title: Irish Ferries: An Ambitious Journey
Category: Transport
Language: English
Realese Date: 15 August 2013
Number of Pages: 144 pages
Autor: Miles Cowsill
ISBN: 9781906608606

Description of the book "Irish Ferries: An Ambitious Journey"

In 1973, a newcomer to the Irish ferry scene began sailings between Rosslare and Le Havre with the brand new state-of-the-art car ferry Saint Patrick. A subsidiary of deep sea company Irish Shipping, Irish Continental Line would grow from a single ship operator to become Irish Ferries; the leading ferry operator to and from the Republic of Ireland. In recent years, the company has invested over 450 million in new fleet and port facilities. The Line's progress so very nearly came to a premature end when in 1984 Irish Shipping went into liquidation. The ferry operation was viewed by the liquidator as a viable concern and was therefore offered for sale. Amongst interested parties was the state-owned B+I Line, but the company was eventually purchased in a buyout by its management as the Irish Continental Group. To operate their acquisition a new company was formed; Irish Ferries plc. In a remarkable twist of fate, Irish Continental Group went on to purchase B&I Line from the Irish government in 1992. Known to the Irish simply as The B&I, the rival to the British-operated Sealink had its operations steeped in history, linking right back to 1823 and the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company. It is against this backdrop that Irish Ferries continues to thrive, linking Ireland with Britain and mainland Europe. Its success as Ireland's Best Ferry Company is a clear reflection of the high level of service passengers have come to expect.
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