Morning Song: Poems for New Parents

Download EBOOK Morning Song: Poems for New Parents for freeBook Title: Morning Song: Poems for New Parents
Category: Poetry & Drama
Language: English
Realese Date: 26 April 2011
Number of Pages: 265 pages
Autor: Susan Todd
ISBN: 9780312644260

Description of the book "Morning Song: Poems for New Parents"

Poignant, inspiring, and full of wisdom, "Morning Song "celebrates the joy a new child brings to the life of parents and family. With sources ranging from the Bible, Sappho, and traditional songs to Dickinson, Yeats, Frost, and our outstanding contemporary poets, this beautiful collection summons the cosmic and the comic, the spiritual and the pragmatic, the whimsical and the divine. Sections such as "Conception and Grace," "Waiting," "Sleep and Song," and "Green and Carefree" evoke the breadth of the parenting experience and capture the emotional intensity of this magical time. Among the poets included here are: Billy CollinsMary OliverRichard WilburSylvia PlathGalway KinnellNatasha TretheweyDylan ThomasPablo NerudaJames MerrillJohn BerrymanKay RyanAlice WalkerJane KenyonRita DoveMary Jo SalterSharon Olds An ideal gift book for any parent-to-be, this classic collection will become a treasured companion during the many hours spent waiting and caring for a child.
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